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You Don't Pay My Sub But Neither Do I, Act 12


Act 12: Blind Leads Blind

Back in "Into the Abyss", I mentioned that I setup one study group in Syncademy for PoTD. At first 10 people signed up, and I devided the groups into 3-3-4 (this is not football formation btw). Getting the whole thing set up and moving took couple weeks.

I was in the group later known as "Group Edda" with Aruzelt and Etharian.

Initially when we started, I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought maybe we wipe soon-ish. Then we can see how any people wanted a second run, and eventually filter down the people really want to get to the end.

I knew it was easier to get into an experience group with the people in Rebacca's PoTD War Room, but the scheduling there scared me. I still hang out with them, because their experience was invaluable. From there I also joined the discord of Angelus Demonus, who live stream a lot of solo deep dungeon run.

Back to Group Edda. Aruzelt and Etharian were the quieter type in raid. They did talk during raid, but I guess maybe in comparison I was the type who just talked too much? In PoTD, I scared about hours and hours of silence run more than wipe.

Also I assumed I was sort of leading there since I was the tank. However, I never lead a PoTD run because I was always the one tagging along following the group. When we first started, I didn't have much experience beyond floor 190. I was not sure if I should lead. It really felt like blind leads blind.

The group met for two hours every Monday. The first week we went a bit over time and went from floor 51 to 100. Then we did 30 floors each for the next two weeks. It was getting more interesting because the mob hits harder and have some mechanics after floor 141. Both of them are good at their role, so it was still quite easy. Also, we had some conversation going.

It was when we passed floor 160, I thought about writing up tips and hint for the higher floors. We were a little bit against the odd here. We were an undersized party, so we were most likely to fail the mechanics in the floor 180 boss. I watched Angelus Demonus' solo clear video on RDM and started writing a strat in the channel assigned for Group Edda. Why do I start with a solo clear video? Because it shows the intended mechanics so well. A lot of the mechanics are gone in group clear because the of the high dps. With all three of us relatively inexperience, it is safer to plan for an extended fight. There was always a chance that we got hit be mechanics and two or even one of us has to finish the fight on our own.

It went better than what I think. We needed to heal through two Elliptic meteor, but that reflect the missing one DPS in the team. The two dodged all the aoe perfectly. So desipte all my worries, it was rather straight forward.

It was the end of the raid hour by the time when we cleared floor 180, so we have to resume the next 20 floors the week after. It gave me sometimes to prepare what topics I should be discussing with the group. The problem is, there are a lot of information with regards to the last 20 floors. The mechanics in 190 boss was very delicated. It is easy to do, but it is also easy to double hit, or accidentially aoe the add to mess up that part. Then there were also a handful of mob that can easily wipe the group if we were not careful. Those mob were even scarier if they show up in a luring trap. If your group DPS is not high enough, even a witching pom won't save you.

In the end, I decided in order of importance will be: the 190 boss, how to handle luring trap, then maybe 2 mob per each 10 floors we should pay attention to. By the end when I finished writing up, it was truly a huge wall of text. I was planning to write more about the mobs, but I think it will be just too much information to remember. I will be calling out on the easier mobs, so I think we should be okay.

Then the fateful day came when we continued our journey in floor 181.

As the floor was loading, I saw the patrol mob walking turnning around.

"Ok. Let's take care of the patrol first." I said on discord. "You guys remember the Chimera in Cutter Cry, right? It has a Dragon voice and a Ram voice."

"Yes, I remember them from yesterday." Aruzelt replied. As it turned out, there was an event to celebrate the 1st year anniversy of Syncademy the day before. In part of the event, it was the tril from the ARR relic reborn: The Chimera.

"Good then." I provoked the Chimera (Garm) as it was moving away, and said, "So Dragon Voice is a donut aoe where the middle is safe, and Ram.."

Before I can finish talking, Garm already started to cast.

"Dragon Voice! Move in!" I said.

Zip. As the animation went off, Etharian's HP dropped to zero.

"Oh. I thought I was far enough." She said to us.

"Don't worry. Let's take care of this guys first." And before I can finish talking, the Ram Voice is on the castbar. "Ok, away, or let me stun it."

The animation went off, but I also died.

Wait. I have forgotten. Stun is something we did in 3.x. Ram Voice has to be silenced, not stun.

By then the mob has very little HP left, but Aruzelt was the last man standing.

"Please rez one of us." I said to him.

"But shiftcast is not there." I can't quite hear, as if he is mumbling. "Let me slow rez."

"Don't bother. Just kill the mob, it is at 10%."

As Aruzelt started to dps the mob, the mob was casting Ram Voice.

"Ram Voice! Move away, move away!"

But it was too late, Aruzelt just stood there casting when Ram Voice was going off.

If Ram Voice can one shot a tank, of course it will one shot a healer.

This ended our PotD run. Basically, we wiped by the very first mob we pulled.

Well, I suppose there were multiple of things going wrong. A dps who didn't dodge aoe, a tank who confused between stun and silence and a healer who didn't have shiftcast(?).

I guess we deserved our wipe.

At the same that I felt sorry for the wipe, I also got a sense of relief. I was the defaco leader of the run. No one elected me to the spot, but I felt since it was my idea to start the study group, since I have seen most of the PoTD, it would be my job to provide as much help to the group. However, the whole idea that I was supposed to lead the group to victory never sat comfortably for me.

I think from the start, I was never a leader material. It is the same a real life, whenever the responsiblity falls on me, I will just counter it by over-preparing. I consider it a defect of my personality. I often think that my skill is best suited to assist someone, but not taking the front role myself.

The only good thing that came out of the wipe was neither Etharian nor Aruzelt was too upset about it. After all, we all did something stupid. We dusted ourselves up and started from floor 51 again. It is probably what I had in mind for the group, we do casual relaxing run and there is a small chance that we make it to floor 200.

A few days later, I decided to resub for the month because nothing was really happening in real life. I thought that maybe we should give HoH a try. Afterall, when I can only play on my free trial account, we have tons of time to be in PoTD. We talked about it in our channel, then I went on recruiting the 4th person. Aoi signed up in less than 10 min after I put on the study group ad. He also agreed to tank, so I guess I can go back as a range dps and happily tag along like I always do.

Table of content of this series is here

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas [Aether]

Dang, I vanish for 2 weeks and you posted this epic story. I have to go read it from the beginning slowly!

I'm sorry to hear your POTD experience did not end well, but you seem happier at the end, and that's the important thing. One thing I wonder is, did you ever discuss without party members what your expectation for the group is. Because if you're forming a static, or even a party for any content, it's important that everyone agree on what the goals and expectations are.

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas [Aether]

Like you say, some people just want to casually play and see how far they can get, with maybe some small hope of clearing. On the other hand, there are others who intend to clear and have prepared seriously to that effect. While neither kind of playstyle is wrong, if people differ on their expectations for the party, well, either someone will end up disappointed, or there will be conflict between the party members, and that won't be good!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas [Aether]

Anyway, I think it's good you can look back calmly and analyze what went wrong, and perhaps you now understand what makes yourself tick more. That's the most important thing!

Sigurd De-mizar

Phoenix [Light]

My sub runs out, so I have to post everything in I write up so far. Usually I don't post that many stuff in one go

I didn't have much expectation on this PoTD run, because I didn't want to make the first study group I made too exclusive. I think of it as an excuse to get to know a few people, and maybe the hardcore ppl will come out from the wood one day for speed run and kill party. I got 3 night pegesus mount from PoTD so far, but I can't sell them because they are on my free trial account




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