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Modern Girl: Call me, Maybe? Chapter 2 part 2

Part 2.

A short drive later, Annabel arrived at her family's home, a large estate in the posh area of the city. It was a very nice place, but Annabel chose not to live there preferring her room at the sorority house. She only used her old room to store her various outfits which were far too many for the small closet at the house. This meant though that for any special occasion where she needed an unique outfit, she had to come here to change.

Selene, still in Annabel's hair, looked around curiously as the young woman strode through the halls of the house. "Wow, nice place, though not as nice as some of the fancier palaces and castles I have seen."

Annabel shrugged, "Eh, it's ok I guess. Honestly though it's a bit too reserved and solemn for me. I prefer the Sorority, it's way more fun to be there. Plus," she pointed to the Library, "I'm away from that. I swear fairy that's all my family seems to care about nowadays, their 'book' collection; believe me, they can keep it!"

Annabel stopped for a moment, hesitating, she looked like she was weighing options on what to do. Finally she turned to the Library; "I guess I'll get this over with before dressing, get some idea how much I'll need to lug over there."

Entering the Library, Annabel stopped and looked about the huge room. In the place books of all kinds lined the walls stored in massive book shelves of expensive wood situated on two floors. Some of them were sitting by themselves on pedestals to be available for ready browsing. Nearby, tables were available for study. The lighting was subdued and the place smelled of a mix of old leather and polish. Annabel loathed the place and almost never came in it unless she had to.

Selene looked up from where she was perched. "Wow, look at all those volumes." She launched herself from Annabel's hair to get a better look. "What are you DOING," Annabel hissed, "someone might see you." Selene laughed, "Oh don't worry I don't see anyone around, do you?"

The fairy did have a point but Annabel kept an eye open anyway for any service staff that might wander in. She pulled out her phone as Selene continued to fly around and checked Adora's email.

"Hey," Selene called out, "Did you know there are ACTUAL books of magic here?"

"What?" Annabel looked up at the fairy, surprised at what the thing had said. "Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure silly, I CAN see magical things you know. I'm telling you Annabel, there are books of magic here." Selene flew to an upper bookshelf and pointed to one of the volumes. "That one has a faint glow and the one near it looks like another scholar book. Hmmmm, why would your family have these?"

"Do I know?" Curious, Annabel climbed the stairs to the 2nd floor and walked over to where Selene still hovered.

"Well you should know silly," Selene said, "they're YOUR family."

"I'm kind of the misfit, not really into the stuff they do. Oh they try, but I resist every step of the way." Annabel peered at the shelf, "hmmmm, this one," she said, pointing at a book near Selene.

Selene nodded and Annabel removed the book to look at it. It looked different then the other book, less creepy, newer; she opened it up to look inside. To her it was the same weird symbols but a different looking language, at least it looked different to her. Who knew what it was, she closed the book and put it back.

"You couldn't read it, could you?" Selene said knowingly.

Annabel shook her head, "was I supposed to be able to?"

"Maybe, if you were a true Scholar or studied that stuff on a regular basis. Bonding the book the way you did gives one the power to read THAT book only. It's kind of a shortcut, a lazy way to do it instead of all that intense studying. Honestly, I don't blame them for making the Inducer, learning all that year after year IS kind of....dull."

"Well I do love shortcuts, but NOT ones that get me into trouble." Annabel tapped a sandled foot in annoyance, it thudded quietly on the carpeted runner surrounding the shelves. "There's like a thousand books here and Adora expects me to find these four with NO problem!" Looking at the list, she started counting. "One, two, three...hey Selene, can you read?"

Selene looked puzzled, "read? Like what?"

"Like, you know, words, language, do you understand different well, writing?" Annabel showed Selene the list, "can you read that?"

"Oooo that's bright", Selene blinked a bit then focused. "Hmmmm, nope, sorry, I'm not OF this world silly, remember?" She made a rasberry sound with her tongue. "WOW, trying to make ME do your work already. Usually it take a scholar a few weeks to learn to try it. Thank goodness you don't know that spell."

"Wait," Annabel said, "there is a spell? Where?"

"Oh, dragon shite," Selene exclaimed, "WHY don't I keep my big mouth shut? Never you mind blondie, you ain't ready for it."

"It's in the book isn't it?" Annabel, still holding the grimoire in her arm, sat down at a nearby small table and opened it up to peruse it. She hadn't really done it since the mishap that had bought Selene into her life and was astonished that the whole book ACTUALLY made sense to her now, she could READ it! "What the hell? It's changed!"

"It hasn't 'changed' silly," Selene said, YOU have. You bonded with the thing, remember? So now you understand it, your mind shows it in terms that you can relate to. Though seeing you, I'm sure it's VERY simplified, probably on the level of a children's book."

Annabel gave the fairy a false smile. "Selene sweety, and I mean this in the most sincere way, Fuck you."

Selene laughed and flew away, fluttering about the room. Annabel watched her go, then turned back to the book. She scanned the pages looking though various stuff but seemed to be having no luck. "How in the hell is this thing organized", Annabel said in frustration, "doesn't it have some sort of index?"

"Why don't you ASK it oh lazy blonde," Selene called out in a mocking tone.

"Why don't you ASK it", Annabel said in a high voice intimating the fairy. "Why don't I come over there and pluck your wings while I'm AT it, stupid thing." She looked back down at the book. "Ask it she says, how stupid does she think I am?"

"Very, but don't let that stop you," Selene said by Annabel's ear.

Annabel yelped in surprise at the unexpected sound and turned, moving a hand to swat at the fairy. Selene easily flew out of range sticking out her tongue in the process. "Too slow deary!"

"AGGGGH, Kiss my ass Selene! Tell me, did your previous master take their own life JUST to get away from you?"

Selene scoffed,"THAT large thing, NO way! And well.....he did come to an unfortunate end. And no, It was NOT because of me"

Annabel looked offended. "Honey, that is one of the most perfect asses you will ever see, and I have no doubt you DID have something to do with it. Now tell me where is the index in this book?"

"I did you ditzy blonde, ASK it!"

"FINE", Annabel looked at the book. "Ugh, this is sooooo stupid, if Adora saw me doing this she would think her sister had lost it. Um......hello, book....thing....I need to find where to.....um, oh what the hell is it called? " Annabel tapped the table thinking. "Where in you are the spells for the fairy thingys, you know, to get them to DO stuff."

"Elegantly worded Annabel my dear", Selene said with a touch of sarcasm in her tiny voice."

"You hush bug, SEE it didn't wo...."

With a bright flash, the grimoire shook and started moving on its own accord. Annabel gasped in surprise, stunned at the sight. She watched as the pages flipped in rapid succession until it stopped, opening itself up before her, it's tasseled bookmark in the new position. The light faded away and Annabel scanned the new page curious to see what was there.

"Wow, it.....worked", she said in astonished surprise.

"Is this going to be your eternal reaction EVERY time you find out I am right", Selene asked. "If so, it's going to get old REALLY quickly because I'm ALWAYS right!"

Annabel sighed, "You're just going to be a pain in my side as long as you're here, aren't you?"

"Pretty much", Selene confirmed. "I believe the dismiss spell is in that section, I suggest learning it so I can get the hell out of here and you don't have to put up with me anymore."

"Really? Where?" Annabel looked at the various entries then exclaimed, ah, here it is."

"FINALLY, it's not hard to...."

"Not THAT one you silly little bitch", Annabel corrected, "the one I wanted originally. Lets see....." She mumbled to herself for a few moments as she read the words, flipping between pages. Selene looked puzzled, then her eyes widened in understanding. "Wait a minute, not THAT one, you're still doing that?"

Annabel nodded, "yep, you're not getting out of helping me THAT easily! I'll look for that other spell later now that I know where to look. Ok, here we go, cross fingers and all that..."

As Annabel spoke the words of the spell, the grimoire began to glow slightly and then Selene herself. It was not a long incantation and soon it was finished, the light faded and Annabel looked up at Selene expectantly. "Well, did it work?"

"Ooooo, I HATE when spells are cast on me", Selene said annoyed, "it feels all icky. As for your question oh ditzy mistress",......Selene gave a forlorn sigh, "yes, I can read your stupid language now, HAPPY?"

Annabel nodded smiling, "Oh very much so. Wow, it ACTUALLY worked! Maybe this isn't so bad after all."

"Speak for yourself, it's hell and one I soooooo don't deserve."

Continued: Part 3


Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

gotta love swearing at a pixie/fairy!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

1. Annabel is a huge fashion nut. Needs a HOUSE for her clothes!

2. Her family must be magicians in disguise. note their obsession with creepy old books, classic wizard hobby. I guessed this one even before Selene piped up about magic books!

3. Annabel drops an F-bomb! Naughty naughty Annabel. I guess she does not have the very prim and proper upbringing that she received in Shedell in this world.

4. The book has voice control! Anna will get used to going "Hi Siri" at it very soon, I'm sure.

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Interestingly, Anna does not get rid of Selene even though the fairy royally pissed her off. As readers we can guess it is because Selene is relevant to the story (she obviously has Middy's role of Chief Anna-annoyer here), but perhaps it also shows that Annabel is not so ditzy that she realizes she needs the fairy's help. Although, it would also be funny if she poofed the fairy and then had to go to extreme measures to get it back. Lol!

Annabel Ashcroft

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Yeah, without Selene there really would not be much of a story, so she's sticking around.

Honestly though, now that they are bonded, all Annabel has to do it just cast the summon spell from the book, well If she can find it. ;p

Yeah Mahdi, Selene is just sooo sassy, Annabel can't help it! LOL
This ain't sweet FF14 Lady Annabel!

I MAY use that siri thing! ;-)




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