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Day 150: part 2


Alea: "You know Adora, I am always surprised when Annabel says people want something from her. Can't they see how um......darn it, I can't think of a NICE word to say here. Well, you know what I mean."
Adora: "Dear, I think the word you are looking for is unreliable. Well, obviously people there see her differently then they did here. "
Alea: "Unreliable? Nope, that's too nice of a word."
Adora: (sighs) "Alea ........."

Back at the opulence of Eulmore, I took a quick detour to freshen up and relax. I mean sure Fat Cat was fretting and all, but hey, whose needs are more important, mine or hers? Phhht, of course you know the answer to THAT sisters.

Figuring out that 3 hours was enough, I reluctantly left my pampering to seek out Dulia. It did not take long to find her fretting and moaning about her husband disappearing without telling her. (Honestly, she seemed VERY clingy to me. If that's the case, I don't BLAME him for leaving, hell I would TOO!) It turns out that the citizens of Eulmore decided that new leadership was needed to get the city up and running again and that ol hubby had been picked to be mayor. (Poor guy, he has my sympathy, being in charge SUCKS!) Thinking he had panicked about this, Dulia thinks he may have bolted and wanted me to try and find where he ran off to. Not having much choice about this, (and wanting to get away from her mewling.) I agreed to help track him down.

Tracking him down turned out not to be too hard, just a LOT of talking to people bitching about ALL kinds of issues and WHO was going to fix them. (Boy, I tell you sisters, I am glad I am not the one stuck being in charge of this place, YAY!) One by one they pointed my little group to places where Chai-Nuzz had visited and we eventually caught up with him in upper Kholusia. It seems he had NOT run away from his mayor duties but was roaming around talking with the various towns to get a tally of everything that needed attention. Wow, what initiative, see sisters, THAT's why I would SUCK at being in charge, I have none!

Alea: "Boy she's got THAT right. Annabel doesn't do anything by herself."
Adora: "Well Alea, she DID go to Eorzea by herself to help there. "
Alea: "I know, and I'm STILL wondering WHY she did it. The reason she had was AWFULLY fishy to me. I am telling you Adora, she is NOT a selfless person. "
Adora: ".........."

Chai knew though that he was not really cut out for the job and was seeking out a person called Wrenden, who used to be an adviser for the old Eulmore. He finally found him but this Wrenden did not want anything to do with the former lazy citizens of the city thinking it would be a waste of time to help them because they could not help themselves. Personally I don't blame the guy, those Eulmorians were REALLY lazy asses from what I saw.

(And NO Alea, I don't know this because I am just like them! Seriously, go do some mission or something!)

Adora: (looks confused) "Mission? What is she talking about Alea?"
Alea: (looks shocked) "Um......I have NO idea Adora. Who knows WHAT Annabel is thinking when she writes these. I think she is just confused with her OWN missions."
Adora: "If you say so dear."

Wanting to convince Wrenden of his good intentions, Chai proposed a contest where he will figure out a solution to a problem by himself and if he succeeds then Wrenden has to be an adviser for him. Wrenden agreed to this, so off we went to help poor Chai succeed.

(Wait, he was supposed to figure this out by HIMSELF, WHY was I helping? UGH! )

Well anyway, Chai decided to get some of those roaming Talos to help with stuff and asked us to make sure he was safe from monsters while he did this. Ok, ok, fine, so I was not DIRECTLY helping him with his problem, which I guess was ok. Doing my job, I protected him while he gathered up the Talos he needed and soon we were done. Wrenden was impressed enough with the solving of the problem that he agreed to join Chai-Nuzz in his endeavors, and that was that.

Arriving back in Elumore, the people were more than shocked at the arrival of 3 big mechanical things. It was pretty funny actually watching them scurry around afraid. Soon though everything was explained and Dulia ran out to over abuse her husband, how he survives her I will never know. Love is blind sisters, love is blind.

Now that Chai-Nuzz was back, he had this big swearing in ceremony up in Vathery's old chambers. Because of my Elite status, (which I should ALWAYS have!), I was in the front row for it. Chai pretty much said a bunch of things about uniting, helping, working, and a LOT of other -ing's, Honestly it was REALLY hard NOT to fall asleep during it, WHY do people insist on inviting me to these things? UGH!

Alea: "Wait, one minute she is complaining about wanting to be 'Elite' status, and the next she is bitching about BEING 'Elite' status and getting invited to all those events. Twelve, she is an idiot!"
Adora: "Dear, you know very well our sister changes her thoughts at the drop of a pin."
Alea: "Ugh, do I EVER, one of the WORST things about her!"

Finally it was all over and Chai started up his duties. Making our farewells, WHK and I headed on back to the Palace to give our report and catch up on things. Well, get this. It turns out that this stuff that Kitty and Uri were supposed to make turned out NOT to be good for what they wanted to do and they had to start ALL over again from scratch. Wow, WAY to waste time people!!!!!

The others then went into deep conversation about ancient Allagan stuff, which was my cue to use the convenient reflective areas in this place to fiddle with my hair and do a bit of primping. When no more noise could be heard from them, I knew they were done and I went over to see what stupid task they had stuck with me next. To my horror, Ex wanted me to report back to the Terrible Tiny Tyrant the latest progress here in the First.

Knowing that there was no way to foist this upon anyone else, I just groaned and said "FINE, just be glad YOU don't have to deal with her!"

Before long I was back in hell....er Eorzea, and headed off to meet with MMT. To my horror, not only was she there but Mini Minnie too. Groaning, I sighed as the Tiny Terrors in stereo grilled me relentlessly about what had happened back in the First. I gave as much info as I could and made up some stuff to boot. I mean come on, like they would know if it was true or not. Mini Minnie was the WORST, asking all these stupid technical questions about aether and souls, like I would know any of it! Seriously, that little munchkin needs to be kidnapped again and soon!

I had almost reached my limit with those two when a savor came to my rescue in the form of BAK. It had been a while since I had seen him last and it seemed MMT had somehow suckered him into working for her. (SEE, the creature is DANGEROUS if she can get someone like him in her clutches!!!!)

Alea: "Wow, I AM beginning to wonder about this Tataru creature, maybe Annabel's on to something here."
Adora: (sighs) "Alea, really? I am sure Tataru is just a very efficient manager and has the ability to get people to help her out in times of need."
Alea: "Adora, people whose job it is to get you to DO things are the WORST!"
Adora: (sighs again) "The real world is going to be a harsh place for you when you finally go out in it."

Immediately MMT grilled him into spilling all the info he had on his 'secret' mission to Garlemald. Despite my fatigue at being sick of being around her, I was curious what had been going on in my absence, because you KNOW I am going to eventually be suckered into dealing with it!

Well Sisters, it seems BAK had teamed up with the former monologue lover, now turned hater of everything Asican, Gaius van Baelsar. Together the two had stopped the whole 'Black Rose' thing the garleans were attempting to do. (And THANK the Twelve too, it was pretty nasty!)
(Though kind of a waste of a neat plot point: Anna) He also brought up meeting that seriously Pain in the ASS Zenos, STILL alive and STILL causing trouble, which I saw thanks to one of those really annoying visions I sometimes get.

Yeah, get this sisters. He kills his father, the Emperor, blames it on those two and defeats them in battle. (This I could NOT believe, defeat BAK? Damn!), and causes them to retreat, all the while being chased by the Garlean Elite troops. I am telling you sisters, better them than me! HA!

Alea: "Wait, so the Garlean Emperor is DEAD? Oh boy, that's not good."
Adora: "Ugh, Annabel really should NOT have put that in here. This is not news that should get out."
Alea: "Well, that info is probably weeks old by now, so who knows what's happening over there in Garlemald."
Adora: (sighs) "I'm sure nothing good dear. I just hope Shedell is not affected by this."

Well obviously they escaped because he was right in front of me. He also talked about some new versions of that crappy Ultima Weapon they were building, but I was not worried. If they are anything like that piece of junk I dealt with back then, I am sure they will be NO problem this time either!

And with that I will end this here Sisters. So we have, A, Scions STILL stuck in the first, STILL trying to figure out the whole soul transfer thing. And B. the Garlean nation in a uproar over the Emperor dying with no secession in place. (I guess that idiot Zenos does not want it, DON'T blame him!) Boy, WHAT a mess right? Good thing I don't have to deal with any of it! And if you believe THAT, you have not been reading the myriad of letters I have been sending you!!!!

Your 'stuck at the forefront' of EVERY mess in Eorzea sister!:


Alea: "And I wonder how many of these 'messes' are HER fault!"
Adora: "Alea......."


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