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Eidolon-Shadowbringers #1

-The endless sky burned bright with no intention of fading.-

Kura followed me into the Crystarium where she would quickly learn of the simple layout of the city. She seemed to be searching while following me through the city.

“What are you looking for?” I asked curious as her attention quickly snapped toward me.

“Oh sorry! Lady Cleo and Krohman I think followed me. I’m not sure if they made it here or not.” She stated looking down while keeping her eyes upon her moving legs.

“Strange, they made it here faster then you. I suppose we will never quite understand time travel as a whole. They are off on there own journeys. You however need to be taught what it is you face here.”

I stated as we made our way to the cabinet of inquiries. A rather large library of books gathered from after the planets devastation. I personally spent many years helping gather books. The lore of this world was fascinating to me. Learning how similar and yet how very unfamiliar they were to the source.

Many secrets I learned however, I knew I would have to take to my end. In hopes that someday someone else might learn them and decide what to do with them. Grasping a book on the nearest desk, I tossed it to her as she quickly caught it, shocked as it almost smacked her head.

“Read through that and let me know if you have any questions. Come meet me at the tower when ready. You must have many things to ask I’m sure.”

Walking away from her, I made my way back to the aethernet crystal beside the entrance which I could not use due too my mechanical component attached to my chest. I could tell by the pain which slightly surged from my wound in my chest, I was about to go through another painful convulsion. These were tiresome after over two hundred years. However, considering they were happening more often, it meant likely my time was coming to its end soon.

Worrisome to those perhaps whom had not lived entire lives. Yet to me, I had seen the fall of a planet, my friends and finally my daughter. My end seemed to elude me for far to long. Yet I keep moving forward in hopes to undo the past mistakes. That anyone should be so lucky to have such a chance is nothing to willing let go of.

A feeling of dizziness went through my mind. Just as I expected, the pain began to surge and I made my way to the garden beside the library. Finding a near by place to sit down as I grasped my breathing device from my pocket and placed it over my mouth and nose. One little breath in helped and the pain subsided within a few moments. Lyne would often be upset seeing me in such poor health.

She was a stubborn child after I found her.However, she grew up quickly in this unfortunate world. Growing to actually enjoy my company as I did hers. My surrogate daughter whom pushed me through more then she would ever know. Just as the pain subsided, Kura, found me placing the book down beside me. Her eyes turned to the gardening area and a smile formed upon her face.

“Such beauty in a world that seems so desolate.” She observed for a little while before I spoke plainly.

“Desolate is not the word. No devoured may be more suited. What remains are mere fragments of existence before. Though a true triumph and testament to us is the fact that we keep on existing. Even in dire conditions.”

I smiled a bit at the thought as Kura spoke again.

“Last I heard, you fainted in the battlefield like the rest of the Scions. How did you end up here?”

“Fainted? Oh...” I stopped to think about what she was talking about.

“Good... good.... that means the timeline is already changing for the better.” She seemed now even more confused.

“To put your mind at ease, that me is not here.” The words made her even more confused and the look upon her face made me laugh aloud.

“But the body is missing. Is she not you here now?” I shook my head at her.

“Only one person knows where she has been hidden for now. My arrogance caused so much suffering. It was best to remove me from the chess board." Before I confused her further, I merely stood up and began to walk back toward the tower.

"You will need to introduce yourself to the Exarch. He is the one whom assisted you in your arrival." Walking to the tower entrance, she seemed curious while starring up at the doors which glowed open.

"When did this happen? How did the tower even get here?" She asked looking to me very curious, awaiting an answer.

"Perhaps I should let him tell you the story. But in the mean time, just keep in mind, this world doesn't know who you are. And they would not like knowing you are a warrior of light. The warriors of light caused the calamity which nearly destroyed this world."

With a bit of a concerned thought she shook her head at the thought.

"I do not want to be a warrior of light anyway. Too much responsibility."

"Yes, That is pretty evident. None the less, your assistance shall be welcome." I stood back as she started up the stairway.

"I shall see you again in due time. Good luck on your journey ahead.” I stated as she continued up the stairs and headed into the tower. My mind quickly fell upon Thancred and his traveling companion. No one had been given the information needed about the Scions whom were accidentally brought here.

The legacy left behind in that tower was one of a land now lost to time. Now, more then ever did I feel the weight of destiny upon us all. The question which plagued my mind was how would we return the Scions to there former bodies.

Recalling how harsh I was upon the Exarch for his poor aim, I tended not to enjoy speaking with him of late. It was bad enough we were messing with the timeline. Causing further disturbance over our misuse of the tower was another matter entirely. One which Master Denz helpfully corrected before he left again. He was also displeased but seemed to have anticipated our initial failures.

The mere thought gave me hope that perhaps we were set upon a proper path after all. However, with Master Denz constantly disappearing into other worlds, it proved impossible to even ask if we were doing the right thing.

“Lady Esper!” Someone from afar shouted happily toward me. I smiled a bit at the sight of a young miqo’te girl with several other children as the rushed to me.

“Oh hello little ones! What may I help you with?” I knelt down and looked to each of them with curiosity and grin.

“We want to hear a story!” She stated with big eyes as I looked over her shoulder to see their teacher whom seemed out of breath.

“Have you going on a run do they? Well, okay let us see... I know a good tale to tell.” I picked up the miqo’te girl and walked them back to the outside of the library. Sitting them all down at a table just outside while I told them my favored fable.

“A long time ago this land was almost consumed by light. With the help of the oracle of light, the light was halted. We seek now the day of our fabled warrior to return to this world and allow darkness to fall upon us. Release of the long awaited stars in the sky to be revealed once more. Return our home to a place which all of us can live in harmony and understanding.”


“Hmph.... what trickery is this I wonder.”

Emet stood high upon the top of the crystarium starring down upon his puppet whom, from a lack of his own understanding was now living upon a world not her own.

“And just how did she end up here?” He knew something was not right when she fell in battle. Yet here she is... different .... so very different.

“On the First no less. What are you up to my pet? And where has your leash gone?”

His attention was quickly brought back to the crystal tower which now stood in the First as well. Yet another puzzle piece to add in as he tried to figure out what had become of his prior plan.

“Meddling with My affairs. You have been a naughty little bitch haven’t you? We will just have to fix that from here I suppose.”

He winced in pain at the blinding light in the sky.

“Suppose I best get to the shadows before I get a sun burn. Hehehe”

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Great read Esper

Esper Eidolon

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Great read Esper, as always.

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amazing as usual !

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Been a while, but I really do enjoy your stories of ffxiv! Great read and thank you Esper^^

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