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Espys post patch and current event thoughts

Heya Loves!

So the week after patch drop is here. This will not be a super spoilery blog but may include some things on story and 24 man raid so if that bothers you then avert thyn eyes yus yus. I do want to talk about a few things I have noticed in game of late and some of the other things I have been up too.

During the patch drop I took the day off from work. This is honestly the first time I have done so for a mere patch since I have played mmos. I have taken expansion weeks off but I needed a day off one way or another... so we took an extended weekend.

Monday during the patch wait time I ended up starting to play dragon age inquisition again and have been rather engaged in that game ever since.

However before that, Friday Saturday and Sunday I spent most of the time playing Nier automata. I pushed myself through the first play through and had a great time! For those whom don’t know, Nier automata has several different endings. I have a long way to go but l, I do want to finish before the final raid releases.

Ultimately I’m finding it difficult to get away from dragon age atm and I really just need too. I wish I had taken the time during our long content drought, but I chose to keep logging in and doing basically nothing all the time instead.

Having now played the game on both PS4 and my pc I can state I enjoy pc probably more due to an immense difference in graphics. However running two games at once on my pc is not great.

*Spoilers section if you can consider this spoilers.*

After experiencing the story I was a mess lol... stuffy nose since! It made me want to write more but I can’t play video games and write at the same time... it never works well xD

The ending trial got me pumped and ready for more. While the ending of shadowbringers was a bit of a wild ride, I have to state, personally I am glad I chose not to watch or focus upon the happenings in the trailer for the patch. I’ve come to the conclusion that these trailers are just. Or great and often make people speculate about it all. Ultimately having unrealistic theories upon everything that will happen.

To suggest otherwise is likely just to lie to yourself. On one hand, they really bring in the hype train, on the other, someone always gets mad they did not make the game more.... violent or tragic or even on the other hand of happy and delightful. The expectations are never on par and this is likely due to the often trolling trailers that are released.

Anyway, back to non spoilers, their are a couple of issues of late that have come up in the news I have wanted to chat about.

#1 for now is the company En Masse whom have been running Tera are shutting there doors. This likely means the death of another mmo.

MMOs are a rather dying breed now, and I tend to wonder if things like this will lead to even less MMOs to expect in the future. It is clear certain parts of them work, yut we don’t often consider the cost behind it.

Eventually games like XIV and XI will not be available anymore as well. Unless they should reach a point where they can afford to keep the servers up for free.
XIV has been lucky to be completely honest.

Back in arr, no one was sure if the reboot was going to go well. And taking on an mmo like this comes with an investment. The game itself, plus the subscription fee. Optional items did not release for about a year after, though they did offer Fantasia at first as a means to change character. Not even square enix were certain how well it would go.
Let me explain however for those whom are not aware. Launch day for arr was a massive boom.
For weeks actually from beginning to after launch, the game would not let a massive amount of players in. The servers were so small, and the game was not anticipated to have such a massive boom in popularity, it resulted in the Dev team not being prepared.
Most might think this resulted in less players overall. Considering it took two weeks to get the servers upgraded, most players should have said “fine I’ll walk away” instead it had the opposite effect and made more players want to play.

Often we were asked to consider other players whom want to get on, so they would ask us not to afk in game and just log out if we needed to leave.
Even the first few days of the duty finder were not well designed. Today it’s more of a little thing not even noticed but, we had the option to play with any on every data center during arr in duty finders. However, this turned out to be more then the duty finder could handle and broke it. This is why today when we are possibly looking at data center connections, the Dev team is very cautious.

#2 on my list right now I guess would be how rather poor this year has been for game releases. Some good titles have come out but honestly most have pushed me to my back log. And after starting my own PlayStation account, the backlog got a lot bigger because now I need to play through everything again. It seems like an annoyance for some but, I like the idea. And I think it has brought new life to my older stuff.

So not having something new to look forward too.. it’s bad but it has been beneficial. Both on money and realizing... perhaps I should not spend top dollar on things.

#3-Video games with add on content

This hits home hard for me... why? Well I have always thought add on content was a great means to keep a game going all the time. However, when I purchased Fairy Tail at 75$ on my switch (very bad choice btw) and not a few days later their were several forty to 60$ add on packages, I realized how bull shit the situation felt. Suddenly a game that starts out at 60$ is 255$ to get everything. That to me is not right and actually quite disappointing. It certainly made me feel like we should be allowed refunds for bad situational games like that.

Now I could add the optional items of this game too that. However right now If I make a new character, I start with 68+ items I have to get from the mail because account bound. I guess what I mean is... idk if I’ll ever finish fairy tail or play it again but I know I’ll play xiv over.
Replay value is important to me, even more when it comes to price.

Even then idk if a game is worth 255$ if you’re not going to be playing it 10 years from now 🤐

And #4 Epic games vs Apple

For those whom don’t know or care, Epic made a means to pay them without paying Apple on the fortnite game. Excluding Apple and even google from there cut for having the third party property on there App Store.

Why I’m not on epics side is for several reasons tbh.

Though I’m aware this means unreal tech games and such will now be denied on phones, I also don’t like epic games as a whole. In this means it feels like two old super rich men bickering over a dime. However even considering how much Apple takes, you can not exclude providers. More so If you have signed an agreement or contract.

One could argue that Apple should be taking less. But they don’t have too and that’s the harsh truth.

On the other hand Epic appears more greedy over all considering they made this issue. Trying to fly the flag of injustice doesn’t really work knowing you’re not doing it for the little guy. You’re causing issues for the little guys instead. Doing it on purpose to get an extra two dollars to top things off.

Trying to make it look like Apple is the ass in all this is comical considering it’s your tech, the unreal engine being used by many developers. And you’re the one they’re counting on. So when you make a bad decision on purpose and they suffer for it, the blame is with you.

Not that I super support Apple mind you. Both are in the pockets of China so both could beat each other up as far as I’m concerned. Yus yus.

Anywho! That is a sort of update from me ^^ working on naughty blogs atm, likely get back to writing stories on here soon. Hope you all enjoyed the read and leave comment if you want to chat ❤️❤️

Yokai starts tomorrow and remember to get to level 30 to do your summer event while it lasts! ❤️❤️

(If you leave a comment please be respectful and open minded as I will be yus yus)




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