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WAR #6: Pixie Hell and RDM on the WAR Blog???

Warning: This blog entry includes Shadowbringers spoilers! If you don't want to see spoilers, stop now!


I have a glamour problem, guys. Send help!

Wrathful And Resolute #6: Pixie Hell and RDM on the WAR Blog???

Welcome lads and lasses, to the next entry in the WAR blog!

"But wait Lisotte," you say, "Didn't you just add one yesterday? Is this going to be a daily blog? I can't read that much at once! And they've gone from bite-sized to full-sized blogs too!"

Well, truly it's been most every day for the past few days. But no, this isn't really going to be a blog with a schedule, more just when I get time. Which as someone with a job and a family, usually is rare. But this week I've been able to get work wrapped up early so have had some time to make some longer entries. So more blogging!

I've been thinking, if you remember from our last entry, that I gave more or less a play-by-play of my time adventuring in Norvrandt, until we get to the point where we need to go and rescue the Oracle of Light. Thing is, spoilers are a big thing so chances are if you've gotten this far, you've already gotten through that part of the story. So rather than regurgitating what happened, maybe I'll give some briefer thoughts on the story beats rather instead.

Now then...

In one of the longer but more fun solo instances, we rescue the Oracle of Light, Minfilia. Who, it has been explained to us, is named the same as our (somewhat annoying) old friend as all Oracles of Light who inherit the original Minfilia's power inherit her name. We save her and Thancred has a showdown with Ranjit. Luckily the Exarch saves the day, and spirited off to Mog Hel---I mean, Il Mheg.

Had to google how to spell that (also Amh Araeng last blog). We now come to the zone that follows in a classic FFXIV tradition: Mog Hell (or Moogle Hell?).

Friends, if you have not blocked it out of your memory, maybe you remember in HW there was that zone, the Churning Mists. Where the MOG QUESTS NEVER STOPPED! Oh yes I remember, hours and hours of non-ending Moogle quests. Particularly bad for people who want to do every quest, or DPS going through HW who can't count on dungeon queues to get leveled up enough for the story.

What was the SB equivalent? Not an exact one in the same annoying way probably. I'm going to go with Ruby Sea because even though the quest-givers aren't so annoying, it's probably the least interesting zone. The Fringes and the Peaks are pretty drab, mostly brown, but there's some color, some green and blue here and there. Plus, you only go through half of them at a time.

The Ruby Sea however... it's all grey. Except for the water. You're already upset at leaving the story hanging in Gyr Abania and now you're brought to this place. So, probably the lowest part of the SB story.

Now we get to Il Mheg... Pixie Hell.

Don't worry Thancred. After we're done here it'll feel like 50 years have passed.

If you were thinking Lakeland was a fluke, then make no mistake from here on out: Our quest involves conquering the "boss" of each zone, the Lightwarden:

Our merry band (now including more people!) go on to try and meet Urianger. Though not before being an errand boy for the pixies.

Luckily for me at least, there's a bit of a break:

Meet Lisotte, the Red Mage!

RDM you say? Isn't this the WAR blog? Aren't we supposed to be talking about a diehard Warrior player?

Well friends, that's partially true. More than half of my time in FFXIV has been on WAR. But as I established before, I wasn't a WAR at the start. And if Puppetmaster is added to the game, I probably won't stay a WAR at that point. In HW I did do some content on NIN like Sophia EX (after learning it on WAR and PLD). I've been thinking a long time about how I do need to branch out a bit here and there, and RDM had always kinda appealed to me, and as the "easiest DPS" that was also appealing. I figured it might be better to run the new 24 man raids as a DPS and use those drops for that DPS for when I couldn't tank (though ironically I never actually really ran those Nier raids very much... I'll explain later).

Also, I had heard of the quests you get for completing all the role quests. And there's new ones now in 5.4. So I started planning out which jobs to have. WAR for my tank, then eventually GNB (probably) for when there's another WAR. RDM for my mage, and probably my main DPS. WHM for my healer (mostly just want the easiest one to sometimes run dungeons on lol), and NIN for my melee. Though kept on thinking about MNK for that one, since PUP also punches things. But I had some experience on NIN from HW and it was more geared and leveled.

The reason I took the story to a grinding halt was that in lvl 74 quests in Il Mheg, my WAR hit lvl 80 finally!

I'd also started to burn out on speedrunning the MSQ lol. So I unlocked RDM and off it was to nonstop roulettes! I tried some PotD but it was ungodly boring. I kinda wanted to try and solo PotD at some point but stupidly cashed in my 99/99 PotD weapon I'd had from years before for the RDM weapon for glamour.

RDM is pretty fun. Now that I'm pretty used to playing WAR and am feebly trying to optimize WAR, I think I prefer the Fell Cleaves to the Verfabulousness (can't believe it took till the sixth WAR blog to say Fell Cleave lol). I mostly leveled with leveling roulettes, allia----Crystal Tower roulettes (aside from the random Weeping City treat), trials roulette and MSQ. Till I couldn't stomache MSQ roulette anymore. I play mostly late night after the kids are asleep, so reeeaallllyyy boring stuff will put me to sleep. And I'm usually talking to Valerie sometimes so can't really listen to podcasts too often.

It was weird, I hadn't really played a caster much in FFXIV, especially a DPS. My THM is lvl 26 still, back from getting Swiftcast back in 2.0. I do kinda want to BLM, but I wanted a really easy DPS to use for some new content (ironically, I've fallen back into my one-trick-pony habits since then and do almost everything on WAR now lol). It was kinda nice not having to be the one pulling mobs and everything while leveling. I also liked glamouring the lvl 70 RDM stuff for a bit. And I actually enjoyed the RDM story a bit too (maybe more than meme-city with Curious George lol).

I was also still helping Valerie out sometimes, so I picked away at it a little bit each day. It took me probably like a week and a half to get RDM from 50-74, where the MSQ had left off. We meet Urianger and go through seemingly endless quests with all the different tribes. The dungeon was alright (the gear looks cool but I never got any of it), and the trial was - okay. Titania isn't really my favorite and I didn't like the music.

But at last, I was done with Il Mheg, so it was on to La Hee! Or rather, the Rak'tika Greatwood.

I do kinda like the song La Hee. The zone was cool too, the weird religion was okay but the stuff about Ronka was interesting. Meeting up with Y'shtola was nice too, she was always probably my favorite of the original Scions (maybe with Alphinaud being my favorite of the newer generation). The story got really interesting, I was finally getting used to Emet-Selch coming along with us, and the lore dump about Hydaelyn and Zodiark was illuminating. I was kinda ambivalent about the bunny people, but I did enjoy the ruins in this zone and the solo trial. The dungeon was pretty cool too.

After finishing our time here, we head back to the Crystarium. IIRC, this is the point where we have to defend Lakeland from the Sin Eaters. We come to know Ardbert a little better too.

You can really feel his frustration, not being able to do anything. Still fighting for a purpose at this time. This is also around the time where we start feeling the Light being troublesome for the WoL; I was wondering how I'd be able to recover from all the light, not knowing Ardbert's part yet fully. But of course, at this point we're really the Warrior of Darkness, and we are able to defeat the Sin Eaters, and move on back to Amh Araeng.

Back in Amh Araeng, we get greeted with the hideous Mords again. There's a reason the Kobolds have helmets! We start questing with the mining folk, in maybe the most slow, grinding part of the story since Pixie Hell.

After all the quests, there was no pain when parting with this zone

The solo duty with Thancred took a while but was fun. Took a bit to figure it out. Meeting Minfilia (the original one) was also a cool moment, and at last we get to refer to our new companion as Ryne!

Dungeon is also pretty cool, but then again I think all of Shb's dungeons are pretty great really. We slay the Lightwarden (because of course we do), but then get another case of the Light-sickness. After recovering with Ardbert's help, it's off to Eulmore once again, to put an end to Vauthry and the last area still consumed by light.

At this point, I'm really, REALLY ready to hit the end of the story. It's great but the pace has quickened and I'm ready to see the climax of the story. But we'll have to wait till next time on the WAR blog. Or maybe I should call it the RDM blog for now? xD

I found the screenshot of when I beat A10S back with my static in HW!




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