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What is with SE and easy leveling everything?


Ok Annabel fans, (and haters), I KNOW that title has shocked you! ;p

WTF, Annabel actually COMPLAINING about something......EASY? She LIVES for it, that Blonde slacker ditz!!!!!

Yes people, I actually DID write that and I will tell you why.

I recently started using the Diadem to level my poor neglected gatherers. Why? to get stuff for ALL my crafters of course! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, and if you believe THAT, you don't know me very well! ;p

No, it was a little curiosity, a little boredom, and a LOT of greed that made me decide to do it. Plus Aria said we NEEDED to do stuff together as a couple and if we did NOT, she would dump me! Damn it, I guess being a hot trophy wife only goes SO far!

(Note, I WANTED to shop, but it's KIND of hard when your wife is a ommni crafter and can make EVERYTHING!!! Ugh!)

Ok, kidding aside, I decided to level botany since I have carpentry leveled. (WHY I chose THAT over weaver so I could make clothes I will NEVER know!), I got myself to level 10 and off we went to the Diadem since you have to be at least level 10 to gather there.

So, get this. Gathering as a low level gatherer in the Diadem consists of.

A. being a level 10 gatherer.
B. Having both the main and off hand tools.
C. Hitting all the nodes.
D. turning on auto-gather and watch the exp roll in.

That IT, that's ALL you have to do!

You can only gather one thing and it is a 100% chance, you need NO special buttons, what you are wearing does NOT matter. you use NO cp. It is pretty much easy mode.

And if you use a gathering manual and cheap food, you REALLY see the exp flowing in. Don't bother eating anything good, stats DON'T matter!

This is pretty much the same as the whole fishing contest was with fishers. Exp came SOOOOO easy there that I got my fisher from 12 to 80 in 4 days.

In the hour I was there, I went from 10 to 29 there. Now, this MIGHT change as you go up in levels since you need more exp per level which will slow you down. The item started at level 10 and did not go up in my 20's. All the nodes showed was 10, 60, 70, and 80 stuff. If it DOES change any, I will report it here. Oh by the way, there are also lakes to level fishing if you wanted to do it in the Diadem instead of the fishing contest.

You know, I don't know how I feel about this. On the ONE hand, YAY, easy leveling, DON'T have to think OR buy crap to keep up! On the other, there is NO challenge in it and you don't learn how to use your buttons, so once you do hit 80, you don't know how to do proper gathering!

I suppose you could mix it up and do it both ways and even do the class quests if you wanted to learn stuff, but that means keeping up with your gear. I actually have an advantage thanks to Aria since she can teach me the use of the buttons after I reach 80. That means I can skip the normal way entirely and do it the Diadem way.

I guess the only caveat to this is that new people can't do it this way until they complete Heavensward. But if you have and have not leveled any gatherers, hey, EASY way to do it now!

But now that all gatherers have an easy exp mode, what is next, Easy exp mode for crafters? Well, I guess the restoration is KIND of like that now. But who knows, they might make it even easier one day.


Misa Ayuzawa

Behemoth [Primal]

Restoration project is supposed to allow anyone to participate (In SB). This is truly a community effort. It allows low level players to participate while quickly leveling up. It also has expert level crafting. Those players with the highest numbers may get an awesome reward. We will see soon what that is. I see why your darling wife is threatening you. I would do the same. It's a race against all servers. Faerie is doing well. Siren & my server not so much. I see way too many peopl doin nothing


Esper Eidolon

Diabolos [Crystal]

honestly if it was not easier I would not be doing it... I really do not like crafting and gathering no no. but I find it quite fun these days yus yus

Yoru Kuro

Phoenix [Light]

I didn't know about exp (having all my gatherer 80), imho that's a good thing. For the ranking, I think it is the worst thing added in this patch. The way it is done I mean. If you gather in the diadem 24/7 that latest material to appraise, you can only win. As I am working IRL I mathematically cannot win.

Anyway, this version of the Diadem is the best of the three, that's a good thing we have :)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Yoru honey, Eureka was the BEST! I miss it sooooo much! ;p (The way it USED to be, not the dumbed down version it is now!)

And as for the ranking thing....oh boy. DON'T go to the forums if you don't want to hear the bitching about it. The big ranting thing is the whole bot thing and how they can gather 24/7, possibly taking all the top spots and SE won't do anything about it.

I am sooooo glad I care nothing about those silly ranking lists. ;p

Just give me crap and EXP and I am GOOD!

Misa Ayuzawa

Behemoth [Primal]

All I care about is Ishgard housing. I hope this effort will ultimately lead to that.

Yoru Kuro

Phoenix [Light]

I'm still doing Eureka for my relic weapons (working on the 7th and 8th atm).
And two runs of BA are planned, today for fragments runs and Wednesday for a newbie run ^^
So Eureka is not dead ;)

Same I don't care about ranking fortunately. Seems to be the case when you have a real job in general ;)

Virtus Ferox

Behemoth [Primal]

As an old FFXI player, I feel a similar discontent. Totally gonna sound like a geezer, but back in our day, we picked ONE craft to take to 100, and everything else capped at level 60 (these were your subcrafts so you could make supplementary items.) My best friend did goldsmithing and it took him two years of fairly committed play to get that to 100. It made him into a name-brand on the server (The crafting let you sign your items with particular crystals.) You made profit as you lv'd not after




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