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[E4S] I did it! I DID IT!


The Journey into Savage 19
A casual scrub's raiding misadventures

The 27th October was Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, and I was able to enjoy a long weekend. I decided to make a final effort to clear Titan before patch 5.1.

After many, many tries, at last I found a party that worked well together and could clear Phase 2 reliably. I mastered the 2nd merry-go-round, the final new mechanic in the fight. Beyond that, there is only a repeat of the 1st merry-go-round and simple raidwide attacks requiring no movement.

On the morning of the next day, the 28th, I decided to push for the clear. I spent several hours in various clear parties, but did not even manage to see Phase 3 even once. Time was running out. Frustrated, I took a short break.

When I came back, there was only one clear party available in PF, and it said that they would use an unconventional strategy - "Y1Y2O3". Generally, I do not join parties with odd variations on common strategies, because of lack of experience. But then I noticed the PF leader's name was familiar.

I decided to take a chance, and joined them. It was the same group of WHM, DNC, RDM and SAM that I met on my successful practice party yesterday!

We assign groups, and after speaking with co-tank, it is decided that I will invuln both the 1st and 3rd tankbusters. This means I cannot invuln the Dual Earthen Fists as I prefer to, and I had been warned that this would severely stress the healers. With an unorthodox strategy and cooldown plan, can we do it? There is nothing left but to try.

NA raiders informed me that Titan must be at 69% or less at the end of phase 1, and 29% or less at the start of phase 3. On the very first run, Titan was at exactly 69% at the end of phase 1 - an encouraging result! After a few attempts, I saw for the first time the enrage of Titan at 4%.

4% is significant obstacle, but there were several deaths that run, and on a clean run we may yet clear. "We can do it," I tell the party, trying to encourage them. However, the next run wipes on an early mistake, and one of the healers leaves the party. We return to PF to look for reinforcements in tense silence...

A SCH joins, and we set off again. However, after playing nearly without mistakes for the whole morning, I start making simple errors in Phase 1 again. I was starting to feel the fatigue from long hours of play, and was beginning to lose focus. In fact, I make a mistake I have no made in weeks - I got knocked off the platform by Titan!

But when I was raised and looked at the boss's HP meter, what I saw gave me hope. 68% at the end of Phase 1! Even with deaths, we were producing enough firepower to clear, and the long transition cutscene reduced the time my weakness debuff affected me in battle.

We proceed through Phase 2 with no mistakes, and Phase 3 begins. Can we do it? I fight on tensely as the first merry-go-round proceeds without error.

Next comes the Dual Earthen Fists. This powerful tankbuster is hard for healers to heal through, because Titan continues autoattacking as it goes off, and the healers must deal with simultaneous movement and area damage. I see that co-tank's HP is low and decide to cast a safety Clemency on him.

But I'm too slow, and my co-tank is K.O.'ed by the tankbuster. Titan turns to me, and I pull the boss back to center as co-tank is raised just in time for the next mechanic.

In the confusion, co-tank and I are uncertain of who should receive the last tankbuster, and both of us pop our invulnerability. Who is tanking? Who is using invuln? I have no idea, lol. With the boss spinning erratically, we stumble on towards the moment of judgment, and the healers strain to keep us alive under the punishing barrage of area attacks that Titan unleashes. "LB," my co-tank says as the enrage cast begins.

And then... and then...!

* * *

A year ago, during the launch of Alphascape Savage, someone posted on Reddit a video titled "Why We Raid".

At the time, I did not understand it. To me, it seemed like a bunch of nerds screaming for no reason. OK, so you beat a video game boss. Well done, calm down please.

Well, it was natural for me to think like that. After all, I had never raided in any MMO before, never set foot into Extremes or Savage, and it is hard to describe the emotions you feel from that magical first clear.

I think that in raiding, sometimes the boss is just a formality, and the real enemies you conquer are the human weaknesses of doubt, fear, pride, selfishness and sloth. And for some people, winning that battle in-game can be the first step to winning it in real life.

Hey, maybe in real life you are disabled, or a member of a group that faces stigma and prejudice, but in-game you can be a mighty hero and conquer challenges that few have overcome. And perhaps when people find out who the face behind the character is, it will even change some of their preconceptions and challenge their biases. Magical things can happen within the 40 yalm diameter of the boss arena.

If you are part of a static, the journey to the clear can be one of bonding with close friends. If you are not, I think there is something amazing about joining 7 random people to tackle a challenge few can conquer. I don't need to explain how awesome this scene was, do I?

(Level 80 MSQ spoilers)

I understand at last why raiders always encourage others to raid, even though Savage is not for everyone. Please understand them, it's not that they want to pressure you. It's just that when you have stepped across the finish line yourself, there is nothing more you want to do than turn around, hold out your hand to the person behind you and say:

"I know how you feel, I once doubted myself too;

You can do it! I believe in you!"

Thanks to people like them and my teammates, and the countless others who helped me, I could walk this journey to the end.

I have you to thank as well, all of you who read my blog and left likes or comments. In the earliest days, there were times when I considered giving up, but I thought "Even if this turns out badly, at least it will be a funny story I can blog about", and that gave me the will to continue.

Because of you, at long last I know:


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Lil Cairn

Masamune (Mana)

Nice! Congratulations!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Updating my count of how much time it took to practice and clear:

E1S: 7.5h
E2S: 8.5h
E3S: 6.0h
E4S: 20.0h
Total: 41.5h

In the end, it took me longer to clear Savage than to finish ShB MSQ!

This counts time in the instance only, not time spent waiting in PF. For that, add about 1h per boss from E1-E3 and God knows how many hours for E4, lol!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Thanks a ton Lil Cairn!

You know, I am hopelessly behind you, who cleared in Week 2 (or 3?). I don't have that kind of strength, lol. But you have been an inspiration and I am grateful for your support.

Bear Ironfist

Faerie (Aether)


Ramza Kristos

Balmung (Crystal)

awesome!!! congratulations,this might be late,on your clears and the path well walked.
this is why we raid!!!

Pan'da Express

Adamantoise (Aether)

Siggy I am beyond proud! I can't wait to update your rank in the FC. I always knew you could do it. Your attitude is awesome and infectious. Maybe next tier we will get Anna into raiding!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)


MAYBE if you spent LESS time making my life a living hell in instances, you would have cleared it WEEKS ago! phhhht!

Yes dear, congrats, now you are ready for the next 4 tiers of HELL! It only gets HARDER from there! HA!

And me RAID? Ha Ha Ha Ha! PDA, you are sooooooo amusing! ;p

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Thank you so much Ronove and Ramza! I remember you Ramza, I think you liked one of my old blogs. Lol.

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

That's high praise coming from you, Panda (you will always be panda to me lmao). I'll take it! Thanks a ton!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Now now Annabel I only did a handful of dungeons with you, it wasn't that much hell ;)

Yes, the next 4 fights will likely be harder. And the final 4 even harder than that.

I am not afraid. After all, we can get stronger too!

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

Ya bloody champ!!!! Well done ya crazy raider!! U come a long way bro! Right on time for Alex!!!! Don’t stop now!!! X) massive bro’hug!!

Yoru Kuro

Phoenix (Light)

congratulation ^^

Yalavech Dazkar

Famfrit (Primal)


Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

Omg congrats Sig!

This quote right here really got me: "I think that in raiding, sometimes the boss is just a formality, and the real enemies you conquer are the human weaknesses of doubt, fear, pride, selfishness and sloth. And for some people, winning that battle in-game can be the first step to winning it in real life."

So damn true!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Thank you Felsea! But, no way I am gonna do Alexander ultimate. That is far beyond my pay grade, lol!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Thanks for the grats Yoru and Yalavech! You too Lalli!!

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

good work friend!
we are all so proud of ya!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Thank you Mahdi!

Indeed, I am humbled since I know at least some of you don't do Savage and have no reason to be interested in this. Thanks for all your encouragement!!

Siberian Mauler

Cerberus (Chaos)


Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

JESSIE! I haven't seen you in forever, and it took me a while to figure out who you were. I'm so touched now, people from long ago coming out to give me grats. ;_; Thank you!

Siberian Mauler

Cerberus (Chaos)

YAY! I’m glad you remember me by original name even! Haha yeah I’ve got into loop of changing names ugh ><
So glad you made it through tier! The feeeliiings ah!!




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