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Eidolon-Shadowbringers #2

-The Not Quite Warrior of Light-

*Warning, this chapter contains nudity and/or suggestive themes in writing.*

“Hmph” A hooded woman in black robes and clothes stared around the Crystarium, shaking her head while keeping her arms crossed and leaning upon a wall.
She looked on as people walked past her, slightly curious but not saying anything to her.

“So this is the First? A little too bright for my liking. But, I was sent here for a reason. May as well not dally too long.”

She stated to herself before glancing around and disappearing into the shadows near by.

-Kura’s Room 9 a.m.-

I awoke from a long slumber, or at least what I thought was. Sighing aloud as I noticed the endless sun beaming through the window. Likely the transferring from one planet to another took its toll on the body.

“What the seventh hell am I doing here anyway?! Why would they need me? I am no damned hero. Just a gal with an endless fund thanks to my father and a few good investments...”

I glanced to my leather gear, cloth leotard and stockings I set aside before I fell asleep. Unfortunately I did not pack a change of clothing, unsure of what was going to happen before we ended up here. Tossing aside the blanket, which fell upon the floor, I leaned my left leg up and began to stretch a bit in the bed until I heard someone knocking at the door. Quickly I leaned up, placing my legs over the bed and I reached for the blanket. The door opened as someone spoke aloud walked in looking around.

“Hello? Ms Kura? A mans voice asked which made me flinch and drop the blanket, quickly covering my breasts and crossing my legs!

“Excuse me! Don’t just walk into a ladies room! I ordered as I looked him up and down, realizing quickly he was the man from the visions on the source.

“You! How dare you invade my life and force me into this! Get out of my room!” I ordered again as he quickly shut the door behind him with his staff.

“Apologies, I did not mean to intrude upon you. However, you are needed in the crystal tower for debriefings. Please get dressed and report as soon as you can.” As he opened the door, I stopped him in anger roaring at him.

“HEY! You know it’s bad enough I’ve been placed on a damned planet I don’t want to be on. But you haven’t even discussed to me how I will go home. If you didn’t know, I’m incapable of using aetherytes!”

He looked to me for a moment and nodded.

“There is a way to get you home without any issue. Your Flames of Truth shall not stand in the way of it I assure you.” I glanced toward my back which was covered in the twelves markings as tattoos.

“I did wish to see them if you had a moment. They may hold a key into assisting me with further means to assist the others here.”

“I need to get dressed.” I grumbled a bit as I remained seated on the bed covering myself with my hands.

“I am a bit past the point mortal needs Ms. Kura. If you will just allow me to have a look.” I sighed, leaning down and grasping the blanket. Turning my back toward him, I rested my legs upon each other while quickly wrapping the blanket around my bottom, and holding the rest up to my chest. He walked up, placing his hand upon the symbols in a circle around my back.

The markings were deeper then any mere ink, burned into the flesh with Wyrms blood. An end result made my aether unstable to the point of exploding an aetheryte on accident the last time I attempted to use one. Happily it was a private aetheryte, no one was hurt nor using it. It did however awaken me to the power now sealed inside my body. My attention was dragged back to his hand as he moved closer to my bottom tattoo.

“Hey!” I instinctively barked at him, to no effect as he touched the spot and I blushed.

“Their is indeed some means you might be able to help.” He removed his hand and began to walk back to the door.

“You need to however learn to unlock the power within in order to use it. Once you do, perhaps I can develop a means for its assistance.”

“Grand. Please get out now!” I stated, tossing the pillow at him as he quickly shut the door behind him.

“Bastard, bringing me here was the favor. Was it not? Now you want to use those damned runes on my back for your own means?” I tossed the blanket again and stood up from the bed stretching out to my tip toes as I walked to the window and opened it wide. Leaning upon it, I gazed around the area for a few moments.

“Well.... no lack of sun at least.” The Sky an ever lasting reminder to me of my own purpose here and now. Saving a planet however was beyond my normal means.

“What would Haruchefant say to me right now I wonder?”

“Something about how you should feel honored to be one of Hydaelyns chosen I suspect.” A voice stated behind me, making me jump backwards and quickly cover myself again as I glanced around to see no one.

“What the seventh hell?” I glanced around again before looking to my clothes and sighing as I walked over and grasped my leotard. The black cloth covered my body from nect to bottom and down my arms to my fingers. Extra padding upon my left arm for the wound on my bone that never fully healed.

“Hmm it’s been a while since last I saw a naked woman. Feels like eons, perhaps it has been?” A miqo’te man manifested himself in the room, glancing out of the window to the endless light filled sky.

“Who are you!?” I asked, furious, as I grasped my gunblade and pointed it at him. His eyes quickly fell upon me curiously.

“Oh? Can you see and hear me? Must be the echo. How intriguing... I had no idea I could even be seen by someone. Being so far away and all.”

I slashed my blade through him, only to hit wind, realizing he was not really here.

“Apologies, I suppose I should not have appeared in your room like this. It was not my intent for you to see me.” He said, as he moved himself to the window keeping his eyes out to the world before him.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” I asked again, glaring upon his deep blue hair and ears as his tail moved back and forth.

“I’m Rave, Rave Glory. I was a warrior of light once. Now, I am perhaps more of a spectator. Bound to watch this tale unfold as only I could.” He stated, crossing his arms as he turned to me with a smile.

“You are a warrior of light, your power with the echo rivals that of Zenos with his Resonate infliction. It’s probably the reason we can communicate.” He started speaking further but I quickly became confused and lost interest. Placing my gunblade upon the table while I walked back to my clothing and began to cover up. Sitting upon the bed, I pulled up my stockings upon my legs and grasped my right boot, pulling it up.

“Look, is this a permanent thing? Are you going to be watching over me none stop? Because it’s a bit creepy... you know that right?” I asked as he raised an eyebrow toward me. Adjusting his hair a bit as he slicked it back in some discomfort.

“You’re of the Lykon family right?” He asked which surprised me he even knew that much about me.

“Yus, I’m the last living of my family... ummm currently at least.” I stated as I pulled the left boot up, tightening its straps a bit.

“Fascinating. I wonder if your father could see you now, if he would have dared to treat you so poorly.”

“Who cares? The bastard is long gone. He was a poor man with a lot of money. He had no idea how to invest it. And he was spiteful.” I sighed, stopping myself as I realized how crazy I seemed to myself, talking to no one.

“You used the echo to see all that?” I asked curious as he nodded to me.

“Your echo is quite powerful as I stated. It seems to want to be heard. Perhaps you should do yourself a favor and not ignore it. The more you do, the more it seems to want to burst free.” He remarked, knowing how hard I had often attempted to not let the echo react. Their was a point I did not even travel without a blindfold on due to it. This seemed to quiet the echo without making eye contact with someone, but not always completely stopping some of the effects.

Placing my arms in my blue leather jacket, I wrapped the sash around to close it tight, allowing the sides to fall down to my ankles, leaving the bottom of my leotard to be revealed in the front. Grasping my blackened metal gauntlets as I kept my eyes upon him.

“So why the visit from the fabled warrior of light? What do you want?” I asked as I slipped on the gauntlets while walking toward my blade.

“I want you to realize your true potential. And take on your role as a warrior of light. In many ways, I suspect you will find your motivation while on this planet.” He seemed sure of what he said toward me. Placing the gunblade upon my back I looked toward him to ask further what he meant. However, he had disappeared, leaving me to wonder if I had been talking to myself the entire time.

“Great.... going crazy. How does someone expect me to learn to be a warrior of light Here?” I shook my head as I opened the door and walked out of the room, shutting the door behind me as I made my way to the back into the Crystarium. My eyes gazed upon the seemingly endless crystal tower over head. Something still bothered me when I thought upon the Esper woman. How she even knew of me was a mystery. How she was here was another mystery entirely.

Sooner or later I would find out more I suspected. None the less, today I would learn more of my mission on this world and why I was summoned here.


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Great read Esper

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

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Great read Esper.

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