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Dawntrail Preliminary Patch Notes - Summary (EN)

Dawntrail preliminar patch notes summary:

- New cities;
- New open fields;
- New aetherites;
- Added female Hrothgar race (player characters and retainers);
- Level cap increased to 100 for all jobs;
- Added Viper and Pictomancer jobs;
- Reduced the number of aether currents of Endwalker;
- New MSQs and sidequests;
- Added a quest that gives a Fantasia (Bottled Fantasy, requires quest "The Scions of the Seventh Dawn");
- New role quests (quests related to jobs);
- New job quests for Viper and Pictomancer;
- Wachumeqimeqi delivery shop quests added (crafting/gathering collectibles);
- You can now hide players near quest givers;
- Added visual indicator of quest NPCs that you need to follow without being detected;
- Added extra interactions to quest log, like a button to play an emote when asked;
- Adjusts to text typing objectives;
- "Tribal Quests" are now called "Allied Society Quests";
- Now certain quest battles can't be done with limited jobs like Blue Mage;
- Added new tradecraft/fieldcraft leves, none will allow multiple turn-ins;
- Added new FATEs and gemstone trader, bicolor gemstones continue to be used;
- New Shared FATE progress tab added, loading time of this interface was improved;
- Bicolor gemstones cap increased from 1000 to 1500;
- FATEs with big EXP gains will provide more bicolor gemstones;
- Fixed large scale FATEs will now appear like normal ones;
- Added new treasure maps (Loboskin/Br'aaxskin Treasure Maps);
- Adjusted rewards for lv 90 treasure maps;
- Lv 90 treasure map portals will now be level synced;
- Added new items for Grand Companies supply and provisioning;
- Added crest editor icons for Viper and Pictomancer;
- Added new items in the company workshop;
- Submersible voyages received new areas, items and level cap increased to 120;
- Some changes to ward classification (Housing);
- Implemented estate holder rights, allowing to kick players from your estate, you can appoint rightholders to manage the estate (except for appartments/private chambers); blacklisted characters are automatically "banned" from their houses;
- When you interact with a placard, the game will display where your housing bid is;
- Added new furnishings, including a new level 100 striking dummy;
- Added new orchestrion rolls;
- Added new aquarium fish;
- Added new seeds for flowerpots;
- Added new MGP rewards;
- Added more opponents, cards and areas to play Triple triad;
- Added more hairstyles;
- Genral additions to Trust system, like adding Krile, increased lvl cap and new glams for NPCs;
- Duty support, Sightseeing Log now has the "Dawntrail" category/entries;
- Many general additions to Wondrous Tails to reflect the new expansion;
- Added new job actions plus many adjusts to existing ones;
- Blue Mage Spellbook interface adjusted;
- Certain skill effects will now vanish when you change areas or enter a new instance;
- Adjusted certain monster and NPC effects;
- The armoury bonus granted below level 90 has been increased from 50% to 100%, after 90 it will be 50% in EXP gain;
- In accordance with the increased level cap, New World and Preferred World character bonuses now apply to all jobs at level 89 or below.
- Added new dungeons, trials and enemies;
- Unreal trials disabled until patch 7.1;
- Added power of echo when wiping on The Abyssal Fracture and The Gilded Araya;
- Increased the effect of Echo on Pandæmonium: Anabaseios (Savage);
- Added Spire of Trial, a zone where you can start some duties to evaluate your combat skills versus a level 100 dummy.
- Remove restrictions on receiving cracked anthoclusters on Thaleia clears;
- Added new Elite Marks (The Hunt) and new Hunt monsters, the game will continue to use Sacks of Nuts as currency;
- Added Allagan tomestones of aesthetics, with a cap of 2000, no weekly limit.
- Added a conversion for old tomestone currencies;
- Changed many details related to duty finder and raid finder;
- Added new items to exchange for Trophy Crystals and Wolf Marks;
- PvP Series 5 will end and 6 start, running until patch 7.1;
- Crystaline Conflict new pre-season to begin, ending season 11; rewards to be given for the top 100 players of each DC;
- Added a ton of items in the game (obvious)
- Added system for facewear, including a new gear slot (some fashion accessories will be converted to facewear);
- Changed icons for fantasia to reflect its target ("regular" or Retainer Fantasia);
- Now many items can be sold, desynthetized or submitted for expert deliveries;
- Grade 8 Dark Matter will be used for gear up to lvl 100;
- Endwalker tomestone rings are no more considered as unique (you can now use two);
- Added system to use two dyes on items (number of items supported to be gradually increased);
- The furnishing Sealing Wax & Letter Set is now dyeable;
- "Faerie Tale" items can be equiped regardless of gender;
- Added Sundry Splendors NPC added on Old Sharlayan;
- The layout of gear exchange menus has been unified;
- Some tomestone items that could be upgraded in Endwalker will now be upgradable with allagan tomestones of poetics;
- New items added to Calamity Salvager, plus few adjusts in specific trades;
- Added new items on Allied Societies in 2.0 areas;
- The time until actions may be used after consuming certain medicinal items has been reduced;
- Added Scrip conversion and new Orange Crafters Scrips (lv 100);
- Adjusted custom deliveries scrips received;
- Collectible delivery experience is now stardadized per item;
- New actions and traits added to crafting/gathering jobs;
- "Restoration" special recipes are now just under the same name;
- Added new gathering places and items (regular and fishing);
- The bait window will now display a new type called swimbait;
- Fish Guide improved to display required hookset for fish;
- GP will no longer be reduced to 0 when players are incapacitated as a non-gathering class;
- Spiritbond gained when gathering will now be based on gear's equipping level rather than it's item level;
- Players will now receive a bonus to spiritbonding when landing a big fish or legendary fish;
- New items that can be used for aetherial reduction have been added;
- Desynthesis adjusts, including new cap and improved UI;
- Added new mounts, minions, bardings and fashion accessories;
- Many game graphical adjusts and additions to configs;
- Fantasia use will now last for 60 mins (character buff) instead of the actual one time confirmation;
- Added new ventures for retainers and level cap (100);
- Added new achievements and titles;
- Adjusted gil cost of teleport;
- World map updated;
- Adjusts to Target Window;
- Actions and traits window received upgrades, you can now replace a button with a sequence when available (action change);
- Changed certain job gauges;
- Added glamour guides to some windows;
- Sprout status requirement adjusted;
- Adjusted mentor requirements (just lvl increased);
- Added new options for adventure plates;
- Added new stickers to gpose and few general adjusts (logo/copyright text);
- Added button to temporary hide the chat log;
- Alarm system was improved;
- Some general blacklist improvements as previously announced;
- Added mute list and term filter;
- Due to congestion, datacenter travel will be limited during expansion release;
- Some additions related to controllers;
- Some other minor adjusts;
- Added many new commands.

For the complete version check: https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/e2d4089cb8c5dcbf44f4c4ea2beb0ae8afb8654e

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